Texas A&M-Commerce Lions @ Sam Houston State Bearkats-5 Thoughts

Sam Houston State, ranked in the top 10 in Division I FBS gives the TAMUC program a huge challenge.

Sam Houston State, ranked in the top 10 in Division I FBS gives the TAMUC program a huge challenge.

Stay on the attack.

Stay on the attack.

Synopsis: This is going to be a tough game no doubt. We are facing a Division I top ten team on the road with a good offense that has made multiple runs at national championships in the past 5-6 seasons. As they say though, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, so here are my 5 thoughts going into this game.

  1. No Injuries-Bottom line, I do not care if we lose 100-0 on national television (this game is televised, by the way on FSN.) If we come out of the game healthy, I will be fine with that. This game is what it is. It gives us a chance to play a Division I school, get TV exposure, get revenue, and see how we are as a program against a D1 school. If we go in there and blow them out by some way but lose 3-4 critical players, it will not have been worth it. It is crucial though that we stay health as we will need everyone for the next 2 weeks.
  2. Being tested-What I love about the games we have played in the Southland Conference against teams like Houston Baptist and Stephen F. Austin is the fact that we get to get tested, and all that does and show us how we need to improve. Sam Houston may expose something we have ignored all season and need to correct, or show us how strong we are in certain areas and how use that as we moved forward to the playoffs.
  3. Be the aggressor– I would love for us to head to Huntsville and have the attitude of “hey, Sam Houston is good, but we are too, we are not leaving here with our tail tucked between our legs.” Forget being careful in play-calling, fire everything you have at them.
  4. Aside from taking away the chances of injuries to starters, I would love to see some more of Gabe Rodriguez and other guys who are not necessarily feature players but are the future of the program. Now, if we have a chance to win it, I want the best guys in so we can make a statement, but we can take a chance to get some other guys experience.
  5. National TV-Like I said earlier, this is going to be our second time on national TV this season. I have to say one of the ways we are going to re-build the program to what it was for over 60 years is by letting the exposure help us recruit to not just the athletic program, but also the quality academic programs. Put up a commercial and let it run letting people know about how our institution is the fifth oldest in the State, about our top ranked Education school, our highly ranked business school, and of course our traditions of excellence in all sports and how a man opened a one room school on the Blackland prairies of northeast Texas 126 years ago and now is a school of 13,000 strong in a small town in a metro area. That will do more than most would think.

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