Post Mortem-Texas A&M-Commerce 38, West Texas A&M 20

Good win in a tough environment.

Good win in a tough environment.

For starters, Colby Carthel is 2-1 against West Texas A&M. How many coaches can say that about their resume in the LSC? Few, if any. Either way, this was a good game that did not see the Lions panic when WT came out with a solid drive that chewed a lot of clock. This group just continued to do what they have been doing all year, play defense, and use the pass and the run to set each other up, and control the clock. So grading time.

Offense-Solid A. 22 first downs, 38 points, 491 yards of total offense, 268 through the air 223 on the ground. Just a perfect game plan and great execution. Now, there were 3 turnovers and a missed FG, but overall the game plan was to go into to Canyon, and take the Buffs out to prove that we are the better team. Harrison Stewart continues his efficient passing performance. Harrison is not going to be shattering any records with his passing due to how much this offense has committed to the run, but has been incredibly efficient. He is 10th in the nation in passing efficiency, so when he is making throws, he is making them count. Richard Cooper set a school record for most yards through 7 games and is now over 1,000 yards for the year and we still have 4 games left to play, at minimum. Again all this credit goes to the offensive line that has given Stewart time to throw, and the Running backs the ability to gash at will. We will need this next week against MSU.

Defense-Have to give them an A minus. Overall they played well. They only allowed one drive to set up a score and one of those was set up due to a fumbled punt. One drive the Buffs drove the field on their first drive, and their next to last drive they scored for style points, but in between, nothing. This defense is for real Folks, and we will need it next week.

Special teams-We missed to FG’s but our punting continues to be solid and Thrasher kicked one or two out of bounds, but with the Wind on the South Plains, I will grade on a curve. Return game was ok, not bad but not great. Thrasher took advantage of the wind and punted well. Give them a B plus for the missed FG’s and botched kickoffs, those HAVE to be eliminated in the next few weeks.

Coaching-A plus. HC Carthel and his group have this team about as focused and prepared as you can ask for and they went conservative when they were allowed to and dictated the tempo the entire way, and did not let any distractions of the elements, or the crowd from taking them out of the rhythm. It continues to amaze me how well Carthel and his staff prepare these guys.


Offense-Congrats Richard Cooper for setting a school record for most consecutive 100 yard games. Honorable Mention to Theo Wofford for his gritty play, but Cooper had a record setting night.

Defense-Toni Pulu played very well last night, had 4 assisted tackles but broke up 3 passes with his paw and overall played an aggressive and good game.

Special Teams-Davarus Shores. Shores once again made a huge play in special teams that set the Lions up for a great scoring opportunity. This guy is a player on both sides of the ball. Need I say more?

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