Preview: Texas A&M-Commerce Lions vs. Tarleton State Texans……and we have a new A.D.


1st and 10-Non Football related, but Tim McMurray, who has served as associate AD at numerous places, has been named Ryan Ivey’s replacement as Athletic Director. I have no idea what to think about this in all. I guess it is because I did not see us only having Ryan Ivey for 2 1/2 years, but success gets you promotions. Here is the full write up on Lion, I really have to meet the guy myself to see what to think about him and the decisions he makes. Should be interesting. Now, onto Football.

2nd and 5-HC Colby Carthel said in a presser that most people have marked this game down as a W on paper for us due to Tarleton being an 0-3 team, but if Colby knows a thing or two about those kind of games, he is well aware that when Kingsville came up to Commerce 3 years ago and was supposed to have beaten up on the Lions, they left Northeast Texas with an embarrassing loss and the start of a 4 game win streak by us. The mentality of the team has to be one where they see the Texans as a game they should win if they execute but will lose if they do not. It is that simple.

3rd and 1-Games like the one we face are going to be about one thing, and that is can we continue to do the things that have gotten us to an 3-1 record (with a loss that should have been a win.) So far, nobody has been able to stop us on offense, and I mean nobody, and what makes things more promising is that there are a lot points we have left off the board due to penalties, dropped passes, fumbles, and missed field goals. It is a huge game and should be treated as such, and it is no time to leave any points on the board

4th and goal-Speaking of offense, Tarleton can score, but my gosh do they give up a lot of points. This is critical because in their last loss, they were down big before trying to make a come back, but still fell short by two scores. If the defense plays well the offense should have little to no problem scoring, but again it all comes to executing.


Overtime: Many people do not know this, but we need 3 more wins to hit 500 wins in program history. That would mean that beating Tarleton, Angelo, and then West Texas would give us that number, and hopefully number 501 would come on Homecoming against Midwestern. Very attainable if you ask me and something to shoot for this season if you want to get another conference championship.

Roar Back Here.....

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