2015 First Game Post Mortem: # 22 Texas A&M-Commerce 48, Adams State Grizzlies 17

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Well, the first game of the 2015 season is in the books, and overall, it was a good experience. I had a treasure trove of stuff I was going to be able to via podcast with the new Iphone 6, but I can’t due to a very unfortunate and downright unneccesary. I had set up a post game pod cast and was going to sync it up so that you all could read it. I got some questions with Harrison Stewart, who had solid night in his first start since 2013, then went to HC Carthel for some questions and then right as I was wrapping up, an incident happened on the field and my interview was ruined. Then I found true Freshman Kicker Kris Martinez, who was fantastic last night and has a monster leg and was going to get some words from him. I went up to him to introduce myself and told him who I was and what I did and you could just tell the excitement in the guys eyes, and I felt he deserved a say for his great night. Just as I was about to ask my question, my interaction was ruined and I am pretty miffed by it.

Anyway, I will give out grades and be done and then take a couple day hiatus and then get ready for Delta State.

Offense- B

Defense- A minus

Special teams-A minus

Coaching-A Plus

And for a new grading category for last night…

Go Lions

Roar Back Here.....

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