Texas A&M-Commerce Lions Vs. East Central Oklahoma Tigers-CHAMPS Heart of Texas Bowl-Matchups

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


Well, what a way to end the season. I am becoming more of a glass half full guy, and this is the way I see it. Not all teams can win their conference AND end the season with a win. Only two teams will do that. The National Champion, and the teams that win their bowls. We are in the latter, but I do sincerely hope that tomorrow night Colby and the crew hoist the trophy, get 9 wins, and finish a superb season. That would give us 4 trophies for the year. The Chennault Cup for beating TAMU-Kingsville, the President’s Cup for beating Tarleton, the Conference Championship trophy, and a bowl trophy. Quite a quadfecta. (Pretty sure that is not even a word, but whatever.)

So, first off, ECU is a lot like we were last year. Had a solid season, but were on the bubble on getting a post season invite. They got one because they had 2 teams go to the playoffs and the third place team go to the LiveUnited Bowl, so they got the invite. However, I am hoping they will be outgunned, and it looks like if the offense does what it has done all season, this should be a convincing victory.

ECU lost 4 games, 3 to teams all in the post season. Not a bad group to lose to. In all honesty, this game will be much closer that expected, ECU is a pretty balanced offense. They have 421.5 yards per game of offense, but it will be a stretch to say they can really keep up when they average 30.9 ppg and TAMUC averages 52.45. I think it is fair to say our offense is better than theirs. On the flip side…..

My Gosh, do I hope we have gotten healthier on defense. The way that Angelo and Tarleton ran through us was tough to watch. ECU has a stout defense and likes to control clock and keep the other team on the sidelines. I have to say one thing to Tyrik Rollison, and this is his last game as a Lion. Dude, you have been great, but learn to escape and roll out and quit curling up in the fetal position every time you are about to get tackled. If you are not ready to play because you are afraid to get hurt, then don’t play. I hope I am wrong, but it has been just headache inducing to watch a great player like Tyrik just fold like a cheap tent when pressure gets to him. He is better than that.

Ok….prediction time.

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions 38

East Central Tigers-20

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