PLN Monday Report: We are the Champions….times 2.

The Texas A&M Lady Lion Soccer team capture another Conference title the day after the Football team did the same.

The Texas A&M Lady Lion Soccer team capture another Conference title the day after the Football team did the same.

At Last....the conference championship trophy is back in Commerce.

At Last….the conference championship trophy is back in Commerce.

5 Thoughts-

1. First, congratulations to the Lady Lions Soccer squad for their 1-0 win over Eastern New Mexico to clinch another LSC Title. Jade Bell hit a net breaker to seal the win in the 65th minute, and Neal Piper once again shows what he can do with the talent that he has. Expect to see the Ladies back in the NCAA tournament for the 2nd straight season.

2. A great night. Saturday night was fantastic. Seeing Coach Eddie Vowell and Coach Ernest Hawkins call the roll with the players was great. You can tell that these Men have the respect of the team, like they do of the school and the town. Coach Hawkins does such a good thing dedicating his life to Lion Football, and Coach Vowell is the man that brought breakthrough success to Commerce. Over 10,000 fans were there and it was amazing to see.

3. No More Cupcakes-First, I wish McMurry the best as they move back down to Division III after the conclusion of this year. They were a worthy opponent and last year they hung 43 on us even though we won. McMurry is doing what is best for them, and that is moving down, and for that I do not blame them. However, we need another conference opponent and it looks like next year is going to be that much harder to win due to the possible LSC/Heartland Conference super merge. We shall see.

4. Dallas News-The Dallas Morning News has done a truly atrocious job of covering us. Aside from TCU, we are the most successful program in the DFW area, and aside from SMU, the most rich in tradition. We are just not getting any love from any of the media outlets except from Greenville and Commerce, which is to be expected. It would be nice to get coverage, due the tremendous amount of ETSU/TAMUC Alums that call Dallas/North Texas home. Also, the DMN is the only major paper distributed in Commerce and surrounding areas. Picking up a readership of 40,000 would not hurt either.

5. Tarleton-Due to more misdeeds that were exposed by West Texas A&M, TSU takes their spot in the 4 team playoff. Beating them again would not do much for us, but it is another victory and closing the season out with 2 tough teams is what this group needs should the NCAA calls us up for the playoffs.

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