Lion Football: Looking ahead vs. Midwestern State

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


Midwestern State Mustangs

Midwestern State Mustangs


Well, this is again a huge game. This is the last of them for the regular season, but then there is that nifty little conference tournament that we have at the end year that is such a wonderful idea. (Sarcasm drips) Anyway, here is what we are looking at. We need this win to go unbeaten in the regular season in conference and MSU is a quality opponent.

MSU on Offense:

They run the ball. A lot. Their style is not like Eastern New Mexico, it is just straight run it up the middle. And they score a lot as well. They average 37.3 points per game, and average 262 yards per game on the ground and a 228 passing yards per game. Balance is the key, but they are not equipped to run against a shoot out, so starting out on offense quickly will be key for the Lions. MSU is no pushover on offense and it would be to our detriment to ignore them, but how well we handle the run is going to be key. They are also a team that needs a consistent passer, Jake Glover is a 50 percent passer. Forcing these guys into throwing will be a big deal to help us.

MSU on Defense:

MSU has a pretty good defense, and they only allow 220 passing yards per game, but they also allow 218 yards on the ground. This could be where Joe Bergeron and Richard Cooper really are a part of the offensive game plan, but then again, the Mustangs have not faced a passing team quite like the Lions. It will be interesting to see what happens.

MSU on Special Teams:

The Mustangs kickers are above average and they are 70 percent on field goals, so there is no guarantee they will make the most of their kicks, but based on that, expect to see them going for it on 4th down a lot. MSU is not a team that scores a ton of points, but is one that will wear you down. I remember watching them back in 2011 when we played them at Cowboys Stadium and they were so balanced on offense. That has it’s drawbacks, and this is another game where the Lions hit hard, and hit fast.

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