Lion Football Vs. Eastern New Mexico: Thoughts, story lines, and things that you make you go hmmm…..

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions

Texas A&M-Commerce Lions


Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds.

Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds.

When: Saturday, September 27, 3 PM Kickoff

Where: Greyhound Stadium, Blackwater Draw, NM

Radio: KETR 88.9 FM or Radio Stream at

Thoughts: So, my overall thoughts are pretty simple. Eastern New Mexico got blasted last week, and we did very well in our game. Non of that matters now and it sure as heck wont matter if we do not win tomorrow. ENMU is a team that is identified by their offense, and how it is to defend against, because let’s face it, who runs a triple option anymore? Everyone has gone so spread happy, a lot of times you cannot find a decent scout team offense to run against your first string defenders in practice to stop a rare offense. My thought is this, we must get going on offense early and take ENMU out of the game quickly with quick scores that will demoralize them. Keep in mind, ENMU is not a team that is made for playing catch up on offense. If they get 2 score or so behind and the other team moves the ball well enough, they are toast. We. Must. SCORE.

Storylines: So, the faithful at ENMU are just about all picking the Lions to beat their Greyhounds tomorrow. Their rationale is simple. Whomever executes on offense better is going to win, and from top to bottom, they just see way too much talent on our end to do anything to slow down an explosive passing game with a potent running game. I would agree, but the pessimism that I am hearing on message boards, newspaper comments, and just from the folks out there in general makes me wonder if they really feel that way about their team. It is their homecoming game, and I want a good game, but a blowout is always nice as well. I know this much, they may be down on their team for the smashing they took last Saturday in Arlington, but they sure seemed prepared for us, and that may turn out to be a bad thing for us and a good thing for them. They are going to be ready for us like they were last year, and they do not want to lose 2 in a row. Also, how much does a revenge factor play into the fact that last year, we could have beaten this team and gone straight to the playoffs with an 8 win regular season? Personally, I think it is silly and waxing poetic about how history judges you is distracting. I think most would agree. However, many ENMU fans genuinely believe that not only will not win, but they will get blown off the field tomorrow, and that makes me worry. A lot.

Hmmmm….: So, I was doing some research last night about what Blackwater Draw is. For those who do not know, Greyhound Stadium is located roughly 5 miles from the ENMU campus off NM State Highway 70. It is basically out in the middle of a field. I know that for years, the students have wanted a new stadium (which they DO NEED) on campus, but for some reason this continues to be the place for ENMU Football. Also, while the main campus is located in Portales, NM, the stadium is an area called Blackwater Draw. Blackwater Draw is basically a dry creek that feels indirectly into the upper Brazos river in West Texas. However it is much more important than that from an archaeological standpoint. It has bore some wonderful scientific fruits such as dinosaur bones, fossils, and other proof of primitive civilization that call all be found in the now dry creek bed. A pretty cool deal if you ask me.

Ok, so here it is……


Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-38

Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds-21

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