PLN’s The Daily Roar

Football-Per Lion Athletics, the team has been practicing this week at 6 AM to get ready for an opening kickoff Saturday at 10 PM. Honestly, this is a fantastic idea, but I cannot imagine how hard it must be to be playing that early. I remember in High School we had some 8 AM games during Basketball season playing in tournaments, but Football is an entirely different ball game. Practicing in the dark and just getting up that early is necessary for anyones body to adjust to that time. That is one thing that has been worrying me is getting up that early to play, but its good to see the staff adapting to it.

Here are some pictures via instagram and Sidearm Sports-

Volleyball- The Lady Lion V-Ball team continues to have a rough go as they dropped a match to Ouachita Baptist in Arkansas in a very heart breaking fashion, 3 sets to 2. Here is the story per

Random/Other-Found a great video on Youtube, and it features Will Cureton, the QB and Captain of our 1972 National Championship Football team talking about his days in Commerce and also how his education and overall experience has helped him in the endeavors in the life since graduation, going to the NFL, working in Accounting for the distinguished firm Coopers and Lybrand, and now in his Real Estate endeavors.


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