State of The Program-Texas A&M-Commerce Lion Basketball

A Look at the TAMUC Men's Basketball Program.

A Look at the TAMUC Men’s Basketball Program.










Texas A&M-Commerce Lion Basketball

First Season-1916-1917

Overall Record-1,281-1,033

Complex: Texas A&M-Commerce University Fieldhouse

Capacity: 5,000

Coach: Sam Walker

Alma Mater: Sam Houston State, 1991

Winningest Coach: Sam Walker, 225-172

Most Successful Team: 1954-1955 Conference, Regional, and National Champions

Last Conference Championship:2004-2005

Conference/Division Championships: 22

Post Season Appearances: 35

National Tournament Appearances: 17

Last Season Results-19-9, 3rd in LSC overall, LSC Semi-Finalists

Overall Opining: Texas A&M-Commerce Basketball owns a rich tradition of winning. For over 55 years, TAMUC has been a consistent contender for a conference championship and birth in the National Tournament. Every season, fans expect TAMUC to win in Men’s Basketball. Norman Pilgrim and Bob Rogers are the men responsible for most of the success of the days gone by, but HC Sam Walker is doing a good job and keeping us as a program that is good, but could be great. Walker has a conference title, but I know that he wants more than a couple. One thing that AD Ryan Ivey said about all sports is winning a conference title once every four years. That is a lot to live up to, but one thing I have observed about Sam Walker is how close he keeps his program to the chest. He is a passionate and fiery guy, but he does not take himself too seriously, but takes his team very seriously. Recruiting for Basketball players is a hard thing to do. Most Basketball players can play at a lot of different places, so to find players that fit your system and philosophy is pretty important. That said, a lot of your success will depend upon those players and how they adjust. The one good thing about being a Division II program is that you almost never have a problem of a guy or a group of guys going pro. It is not like Kentucky or Kansas, where you have a entire set of Freshman or Sophomores that might go pro after a year or two. One thing that I have noticed looking at former rosters is that most guys who come straight from high school rather than JUCO’s tend to do better after a year or two. The thing is, you have to have players that WANT to be in Commerce, TX, not guys who are here for lack of better option. It will reflect on the court. Walker runs a fantastic program that is good enough to call a down year a time when they go 14-14. A pretty good season is what we had this year, around 20 wins. I do feel that going forward, HC Walker and Ivey want 20 wins to a norm and be able to get that extra push to make the program what it could be. DFW is filthy loaded with Basketball talent, as is East Texas. Just like we recruit in Football from both areas, we should be doing the same in Basketball and there is plenty of talent to go around. Facilities wise, with the Fieldhouse getting a new surface and a new Events Center breaking ground soon, this attracts recruits and keeps the talent coming to Commerce. A solid program with a good coach, a ton of tradition and a bright future ahead of it that is good now, but is working for great.

Program Status: 4, good or solid program.

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