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I usually don’t care to opine on stuff that Lion Athletics puts up, but I wanted to post the link to this story. As many of you know, North Texas got nailed with some pretty bad storms in the early part of last month. During drills, HC Carthel told his players that there would be some helping out on there part. “One day after practice Coach Carthel told us that there were places around town that the storm had really hit ha rd, and that we were going to do our part,” All-American senior defensive lineman Charlie Tuaau said.

The players learned a lot about Hunt County and also had fun in the process of putting some of that good work to good use. Just days after that series of storms passed through the area, more than 15 members of the Lion football team took an afternoon to go to McWright Cemetery and repair dozens headstones and cemetery grounds that were effected by the tornadoes.

“Coach (Carthel) told us some of these stones were really heavy, and he was right,” offensive lineman Jordan DeCorte said. “There were some of those marble and granite stones that had to be 400-600 pounds and even though we are pretty big and strong guys, it still took us 4-6 people apiece to move some of them.

I think that this is something that is wonderful, and not just the fact that Carthel had them do it, but the fact that these players took joy in helping do some heavy lifting for the  community. This is a real feel good story.


Other News-

Tragic news for  Lenoir-Rhyne University’s Football program. A football player on the team went out with some friends after finals were finished in the North Carolina lake trails area and drowned while swimming, apparently caused by an injury. Vince Njoku, a 19 year old Computer Science major was found dead in the lake and it looks to be a tragic drowning accident. Lion Nation sends our condolences to Vince’s family and teammates. 

Hat Tip

Blacklands Cafe-

John Mark Dempsey has a cup of Coffee with Dr. Dale Funderburk, a professor of Economics and discusses Toyota’s recent decision to move operations to Plano, and the impact that it will have on the local economy and why it did. I am posting this for a reason. With as tough as the economy is now for graduates and future graduates, it is very important to the local area. In Commerce there is the University and Hydro Aluminum, then with there being L3 and Raytheon in Greenville, having another huge employer in the area is huge, and having two major universities right by it will help. Dr. Funderburk is also a very smart man as well and well respected in the Business school.

Track and Field-

TAMUC Lion Track and Field

TAMUC Lion Track and Field

The accolades keep coming up for the Lions. 14 Lion Track athletes earned USTFCCCA All Region Honors. Story per

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