We’re Number………………4?!

Like I said, I have been very busy with work and also getting re-certified to be a Broker which has taken up a ton of my time, but I found this a couple of days ago and wanted to post it. It is a guy who has attended just about every College Football program DII and up, and even some smaller schools. He has a list of what he calls the “10 worst Football Fanbases in Texas.” I guess they are all based on his experience with them. He seems to be a West Texas guy named “George Palmer”, but I have a feeling that is a pseudonym. He is a contributor to pigskinprep.com, but I have a feeling he is just a random guy who posts on there. Obviously he has problems with us, because he put us at the 4th worst fan base for Football games. He picked Texas Tech the worst, which does not surprise me, but some on his top 10 list is just kind of out there, but I found it entertaining. I am not saying any of it is not true as some might  be. Anyway, I just found it to be funny. BTW, I do not endorse these views, just posting them for kicks.


By: George Palmer

Football Folly: A look at the good and bad of Texas College Fanbases. 

“Growing up in Gainsville, Texas, I have been a fan of college football for years, and I might be one of the few people to have ever traveled to every single campus for a game in the State of Texas, Division II and up. I have been to a ton of great places, and some not so great places. As of last year, I have gone to many places sometimes 3 or 4 times, but I have compiled a list of 5 fanbases that I think represent Texas well, and 10 that I hate, or love to hate. Here’s to you all keepin’ it classy, as they say.”

The Good-

Texas A&M University-First off I am not an Aggie, but their fans at Kyle Field are hard to hate. Great school, great town, wonderful people and yes, weird traditions. However, Aggies are all about maintaining order and showing a good front to the world, and for that, they are to be commended. I really like attending games there. There is spirit, pride and tradition. The best part is that there is a sense of fraternity among the Old Army that makes them great. I also very much appreciate how they honor the military in some capacity during every home game. 

Baylor University-True, Baylor did not start winning until recently, but they have handled their success with grace and class. Will it last long? I have no idea, but they are a great group of fans and they represent their school well, and while the alums are not push overs, they never let it be taken too seriously. 

Midwestern State University-Wichita Falls is a great town, and MSU is a beautiful campus, but I have interacted with their fans 5 times and they are wonderfully gracious people. They do win in most of their sports, but they are well mannered and the students are also well mannered. The Men act like Men, and the Women like Women. The boosters are classy and the local fans travel well and have a contagious spirit. They handle their success well and I always enjoy going to watch MSU.

Texas Christian University-The Horned Frogs are just so hard to hate, because they are so nice. First, they have a high female to male ratio population at almost 3 to 1, so all that estrogen might water down the pumping testosterone, but I digress. Again, it is all about how gracious this group of fans act. I have never seen a large school handle both success and failure with the dignity and sportsmanship that they do. If you look the beautiful Ladies of TCU though, you would assume you would need to be a gentleman to land a date with these classy dames. Amon Carter Stadium has also become a big time stadium with great accommodations. 

Texas-San Antonio-UTSA has only had a Football team for 3 seasons, but when I went to the Alamodome to see them play McMurry, the fanship and devotion to their team alone was very emotional. San Antonio only has one major sports team, and if you have ever met any Spurs fans, you know what I am talking about. Roadrunner nation loves their team, and they are handling their up and coming program with class and smarts. Props to this good group. 


The Ten Worst

10. SMU-There are no Football games at SMU. There are just social gatherings where stuffed shirt preppy boys and prissy girls who have a lot of money and not a whole lot of smarts go to a sparsely populated Gerald J. Ford Stadium and just stay there to talk about uptown problems. The whole point of going to a damn game is to root on your team, not look cute or score a date with that blonde in the hopes that your trust fund will be enough for her. Also, Craig James Killed 5 Hookers at SMU. 

9. Hardin-Simmons-This group of self-righteous, holier than thou rubes makes the list despite being the only Division III school. I have connections to McMurry and I cannot stand this group of fans that wear that disgusting purple. HSU should have a motto that says, “Where little girls become bigger girls, and boys become girls.” This group is comprised of some of the most wimpy, sissified people I have ever seen. Oh but they just love them some religion. If HSU was a Church I would rename it first hypocrite church of the universe. The fact is, the students, especially the girls, just think they are a little bit better than you. In fact, some will just say it. Newsflash darling, you are in a private school few have heard of in some West Texas town where you are an afterthought. You are NOT that great.

8. Texas-First, Texas has the right to brag. They have done more than any Texas school over the past decade and they win. The alums are typically good people. It is the weird Austinites and fans who have no association with the school that mouth off that I have a huge bone to pick with. A degree at Texas costs about 60k, a Wal Mart shirt costs 10 dollars. You do the math and understand why they annoy the hell out of me, and a lot more people. 

7. Texas A&M Kingsville-Back in the day, TAMU Kingsville was known as Texas A&I University and damn, that was a hell of a football program. They were good. No, they were really good. However the past few years have not been great to the Hoggies but for some reason they still think they are the small school powerhouse of Texas. The crowd is not the group you want to run into if you beat them at home after a game. To the Hoggie fans: Sober up if you can, you are not that great anymore, and don’t schedule teams for Homecoming who you hope to beat who beat you senseless. Happy Homecoming. Not. 

6. Stephen F. Austin State-The team is awful and many of their fans, no I am sorry, students I should say, are drunks and lovers of debauchery. It is one thing to be like that in your apartment or 2 cent dorm room, but come on leave that stuff at home. I guess that is all you can do down in Nac-a-nothing, Texas though. Homer Bryce isn’t very loud because half the crowd shows up passed out and the other half is usually out like a light by the end of the first half. 

5. Angelo State University-If you lived in San Angelo, you would be a grumpy and classless group of Football fans, but they are just as bad on the road. Try going to an MSU game or a game when they bring 500 or so fans. Then again, if you had a chance to escape San Angelo and have some fun, maybe you would not know any better. Enough said.

4. Texas A&M-Commerce-Where to start? Well, I will be nice to start with. TAMUC, or ET as it once was called is a great academic institution. Want to be a teacher or get an MBA? Go there. From 1930-1995 they were a powerhouse program and won a lot, then slipped into mediocrity in the 2000’s, but that changed when they got a new coach last year. OK, pleasantries out of the way. Commerce is a town in the middle of a rural prairie that is more suitable for farming than housing a major university. That place is proof positive that big trouble happens in small towns. What you get when you mix a student body of mainly snotty white suburban kids, rural small town kids who know how to get into trouble, black kids who know how to scrap, and a bunch of international kids bringing their soccer hooligan culture to middle of nowhere Northeast Texas is the TAMUC fanbase. Despite mediocrity in the 2000’s the drunken frat boys and half naked sorority girls showed up en masse and it is getting worse now that they are winning again. Profrane and disrespectful chants, especially to out of state schools land the Lions on this list. One incident that stands out is when a group of TAMUC students coming back from Oklahoma after having beaten Southeastern Oklahoma State mooned the Oklahoma state sign at the border in front of an Oklahoma State trooper. Nice. 

3. West Texas A&M-Take A&M-Commerce and multiply it times two, then take Angelo State and take it to the third power. Viola, you have West Texas A&M. Throw in some Hardin Simmons while your at it, I mean Canyon is so great. Yeah, jumping off of one is. I won’t even start with NCAA violations. 

2. Texas State-The Football team sucks and they still mouth like they are just Boise State of Texas. Their fans are the type that are rowdy and would jump into a fight with a member of another team just to see if they can. Sure, San Marcos has the river and a Hill Country appeal, but Texas State students show that they cannot do ANYTHING without getting hammered and/or stoned out of their mind. The fans are there to start crap with the other team and their fans. Nothing more. 

1. Texas Tech-Oh. Gosh. All you need to do is go to a game to see what I am talking about, but since I must, lets just mention torn out bleachers, rushing the field 3 times, throwing batteries at Oklahoma State players, dumping cups of ice on A&M fans, telling the TCU marching band they are going to toss them from bleachers, a Quarterback that throws a touchdown pass and flips the bird to the opposing fans and is roared in approval by his fan base. Getting it now? There are good folks on the South Plains and really are some of the greatest people on earth. The students at Tech, ehh, not so much. I have said SMU is where rich kids go to party, Tech is where West Texas kids and middle class DFW kids go to create anarchy, all while dicing up their fight song with profanities and tearing goal posts and shoving them into opposing fans seats. When they yell “Wreck ‘Em”, they must mean their stadium. 

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