PLN’s Weekend Roar

Good Sunday Lions.

My apologies for no posts in a few days. This past weekend I was in East Texas for a weekend retreat with my Church’s young adults group, and aside from the part where I had to leave early because of how bad my allergies got, it was enjoyable. Plus I am getting ready to start a new job in the securities sector this week, so I have  Quite a few things to catch up on and this is one of them. So onto the Lions…….

Frosch Kicks at NFL Super Regional Combine

Got into Contact with Cameron Frosch who, by his own standards said he had “not his best” performance at the combine in Detroit, but said he had some good outings and some that he did not think were good, but he just said that he will kick back and see if he gets a call. Either way, Lion Nation is proud of Cameron and it would not surprise us at all if he got a call. Good Luck to him.

Lions Smash Records at ACU Invitational-

It was a good day in Abilene for the Lion Track team as they broke a school record that they set a couple of weeks back at the Texas Relays for the Men’s 4×400 relay. For the second time this season the team of John David Rollins, Dexter Lee, Anthony Harris and Adam Gary set a new school record. The team broke the record they set just two weeks ago at the Texas Relays in the 4x400m relay with a time of 3:10.45, which is over a second faster than their previous mark and improves their provisional qualification time.

For the Full Press Release for Times and Places, here is the link, Via Weatherford High Athletics-

Luis Romero was named Conference Runner of the Week for this past week. The Sophomore from El Paso notched a gold medal in the 800 meter run and also set a school record. Congrats to Luis as this is his second time to be named Runner of the Week. Viva!

And Finally, a good nudge up in the Polls for the Lions,who are creeping back up in the direction of the top ten as they currently sit at 11th.

Full Poll-

University Related-

John Mark Dempsey sits down at the Blacklands Cafe with Wyman Williams of the College of Business to discuss an alumni event Hunt County Alums from 5-7 PM Tuesday night at the Alumni Center on Campus. Hat tip KETR.

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