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Scotland Vs. Ireland in a friendly grudge rugby match. I have ancestries from both nations.

Scotland Vs. Ireland in a friendly grudge rugby match. I have ancestries from both nations.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of my fellow Irishmen and Ulster Scots out there. Proud of my Scotch-Irish Heritage, that unlike so many others, I actually do have. My paternal side is Celt-Gaelic on my Grandfather’s side, and my Grandmother’s side is Ulster Scot, which are basically people of Scottish Ethnicity living in Ireland. So there is your history lesson for the day.


A lot of little bits and pieces of TAMUC and LSC related information., which is owned by Brock Calloway, Color Commentator extraordinaire for the Lion Football Radio Network, is the owner and operator and does superb work. Here is some info and hat tip to him for his write up regarding how conference teams did at the National Indoor Championships.


College Football-

The so called “Saban rule”, which I did a write up on expressing my disdain for, died a wonderfully swift death in the rules committee for the upcoming NCAA Football season. Pretty much, it went up in flames. Here is the story covering the vote to keep such nonsense out of college football.

USA Today-

And Here is some reaction from some notable Coaches, most of whom I like and admire a lot-

That above is from S-Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier

Kliff Kingsbury-

Most of the DMN article is about him talking about random stuff but he has a quote worthy one in the middle of the article.

Kevin Sumlin-

College Basketball-

I have to throw congrats to the way of Midwestern State University for beating Tarleton State in Round One of the NCAA D2 Tournament. I wish MSU the best of luck in their run to represent the Conference. Here is the story.

Overall Athletics-

John Mark Dempsey chats with AD Ryan Ivey during the Blacklands Cafe Radio Show regarding the Football playoffs in the LSC next year and McMurry not joining the Conference after deciding to stay in Division III rather than move up.

Also, the City of Commerce is opening up naming rights contests for fields at Eddie Moore Park in Commerce. Story is below and is in audio.

And Finally, has a list of the top 100 players in the country from last year, and then has a concurrent chart with how they did this past year. Charles Taau tops the list for TAMUC at number 23 and there are 3 WTAMU players ahead of him.


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