The Daily Roar-Lion Hoops Gameday

Both the Lady Lions and Lions Basketball teams close out the season this Saturday against rival Tarleton State University. The Women face Texas Women’s University tonight in Denton. A win gets them into the tournament, or an Eastern New Mexico loss to West Texas A&M, which I can tell you is almost assured, with how good WTAMU is. The Ladies face two tests, but with them having two legitimate shots to get in, we will see how it goes. Both TX Women’s and Tarleton have identical records in conference play, so we should get an indication of what it both games will be like tonight. Seeing how both teams are similar, it will also give an indication regarding the likelihood of going to the conference tournament for the second straight year. One of the reasons I love College Basketball is because of Conference tournaments. You get one fat chance to take on someone you have played twice already and knocking them off. The Ladies surpassed expectations last year, lets see if they can do it again.

For the Men, they have a tall order. They play a team that is ranked and has been good all year long and is currently the second best team in the country. I was looking at the box scores from the first game and I will just say it. The Lions can beat Tarleton. This game is at home, with the student body out and about and the Lions only lost by 13 in Tarleton the last time. The first game was a disaster in the first half, but the second half was much different, and the Lions got dominated on the offensive board, giving TSU a ton of second chance points, in addition to having a disastrous shooting for the entire game. This team can win, it is a home game, a lot going on, this is a winnable game.

Both of these are winnable games for both squads.

Preview Capsules for the Ladies tonight per

As noted, 4 events this Saturday. The Region II Class AAA Championships for Men at Noon, The Spring game at 2:30, Women tip off at 5:30, and Men at 7:30. Looks to be a fun weekend.


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