Lion Hoops…………Both Teams Fall to MSU

Lady Lion Hoops




The Ladies just got blown out and completely dominated. Very disappointing result. I know that HC Anderson has to wonder what is really going on. Same group as last year in arguably a weaker conference. I can do all the analysis in the world, but none of it will make sense, all I can do is scratch my head. Story and Scores per Lion Athletics.


For the Men, it was another tough loss to MSU. When you speak about a team or school that just has your number, MSU is in that category. I remember when we were whipping them in EVERY sport, and now it does not matter what sport it is, sans Volleyball, they beat us in Football and both Basketball teams. When it comes to Men’s Basketball, they have just been very hard to get a win off of.

Story line: Rebounding and good shooting will win…and if the other team does it well, you are sunk. Listening last night, I am going to guess MSU got probably 15 points or so off second chance points, and when a team is burying 3’s like crazy, you probably are not going to win even if you are playing well otherwise. That is really what the game came down to, the Lions got beaten by a group that out shot them and out-rebounded them.

Link per Lion Athletics-

Next Up:

Men: Thursday @ TAMU Kingsville

Women: Monday night VS South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. (Yes, you read that right). SDMT is a fantastic academic institution, it is basically the MIT of the North and Midwest and beats a lot of Ivy League schools in academic prestige and rigor. Anytime we can play out of Conference especially a team that represents a school that is academically prestigious, it is always something to look forward to.

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