Previewing The Opponent: Texas-Permian Basin Falcons

Opponent Info: University of Texas-Permian Basin Falcons.


Texas Permian Basin Falcons

Record- 2-6 Overall, 0-7 Conference

Guys to watch: QB Kameron Mathis (1,397 yards passing)

RB Brandon Inflesto (80 yards per game rushing, 4 TD’s

WR Terrell Davidson (16 yards per catch, leads team in receiving)

Chris Hoad (96 Tackels)

Thoughts: I enjoy the seasons where we blow out 3-4 teams, including one that maybe was better than they played, but this is heading for blowout number 6, and this would be the third straight in as may weeks. That being said here are 5 thoughts on UTPB.

  1. This is a team I will root for because they are an upstart, and having strong teams in the conference is what makes for good programs. They already have two wins, but they need to learn how to play ball at the collegiate level. Bare in mind, most of these guys have never played a snap of college ball before this season. Also, the area they are in will produce fruitful classes to recruit from.
  2. Speaking of that, this is an area that LOVES Football and is thrilled to have a College team playing in their metro area. The fan base already has hit attendance numbers that other schools in the conference could only bristle at. That is a good thing.
  3. This is a game where you drop your scoring bombs, and then pull your starters ASAP. We have Tarleton the final week and then the playoffs after that and everyone needs to be healthy, plus it gets the younger guys the playing time that the program needs them to have for the future games.
  4. This might be a game where you stick to the running game, score your points and get out with a solid win and put it away early. Once again, we face a team that gives up a lot of points and they face a team that scores a lot of points. No need for embarrassing of the other team, and that is not what Carthel and Co. do.
  5. Finally, I want to get something straight. Texas A&M-Commerce is a university that is a MEMBER of the Texas A&M University System. We are not Aggies. (Nothing wrong with that, I have a brother that is, just having to clear up a point.) We are a school that has 126 years of pride, tradition, academic prowess, and championships. On the flip side, UT-Permian Basin are NOT Longhorns. They are Falcons. They are a MEMBER of the UT System. This is not about recreating a faux rivalry between an A&M and UT. They would be morons to call us dumb Aggies and we would be equally ignorant calling them T-Sips. Both schools have their own identity and the only things we share are the names of the university systems. If a rivalry does develop, it will not be because this state needs another A&M/UT rivalry. We have one already and it will come back again some day. I wanted to make that clear because I have heard some people get all giddy about it. Don’t get excited about something that does not exist.


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