The 5 Wide Morning After Thoughts-McNeese State

  1. Overall-Let me start by saying this. Whether anyone is a friend, foe, or indifferent to Lion football, know this. We are in first place in the Southland Conference for a reason. We have a Championship quality program with deep tradition. We are known for potent offenses and elite defenses. We have created chaos in the Southland Conference, and out of that, we plan to create a new order. We still have things to work on and there is still work to do, but this team is ready THIS YEAR to win The Southland Conference. The past 2 weeks have proven it. David Bailiff won his 100th game as this school’s head coach, and we could not be happier for him. The situation set itself up in an almost poetic fashion. Thank Heaven for instant replay, because the entire game changed when it appeared that McNeese recovered a bobbled kickoff, but when that player was shown to be completely out of bounds giving the Lions the ball at the 35, the motor started to go, and it was not long before it his overdrive and the game became ours.
  2. Offense-Honestly, I give this unit a C plus. I know, we scored a lot of points, but we turned the ball over 3 times and that really hurt our overall effort and we HAVE TO CLEAN that up. We had three possessions that should have been touchdowns. We did more than enough to win, but it was sloppy in the first half. However, I will say this, Billy Reibock coming down from the press box and calling plays and communicating what he wants to do with his Quarterbacks from the sidelines has paid off dividends. He has done such a great job in the past 2 games making adjustments and managing personnel and his play-calling has been terrific. Andrew Armstrong continues to show all the schools that bypassed him in recruiting what they have missed, the Running back by committee is working just fine, and the offensive line continues to grow and mature. Eric Rodriguez has made the Quarterback position his own. The trajectory continues upward.
  3. Defense-An A Plus for a grade. This unit is just outstanding. If they play the way they have all year, WE WILL BE ABLE TO WIN EVERY GAME we play. They face a very tough test in two weeks against a scary good Incarnate Word offense, but make no mistake about it, this side of the ball embodies the great Blue Gang mentality. Starting under the late and great Bobby Fox, moving to Eddie Vowell, then to Mark Copeland, Justin Deason, Scott Power, Xavier Adibi, and know with Kyle Williams. We have solid playmakers and a unit that is a total wall of defense around this team. They lead the Southland in total defense, and tonight showed that the tradition continues. If this team wins the Southland, it will rest greatly on this shoulders of this unit.
  4. Special Teams-Aiden Martin, Mitchell McGarry, and Emmanuel Adagbon follow in the traditions of the great kickers and punters before them. I feel confident with every one of these guys when they touch the field. Martin produces touchbacks, McGarry flips the field and bails us out of bad field position, and Adagbon puts points on the board. That is not to mention to outstanding coverage we get on kickoff and punts. These guys make up a solid nucleus that makes me feel really good about what we have. The return teams have not really done much this year, but that has to do with the good units we have faced. Eventually it will break out.
  5. Going forward-Next week we return to The Hawk, where we celebrate Homecoming, the 50th anniversary of our first National Championship team. We face off against a team we should handle quite easily, but again, DO NOT REST ON YOUR LAURELS. It is another game. Get excited to play. The school and the fan base are absolutely pumped right now, so expect a full house at the House that Hawkins built. They also might get to see a reminder of the greatness and deep tradition they play for and represent everytime they put the blue and gold on as they take one more step to winning a conference championship in year one of being a Division I school.

David Bailiff Post Game Presser- Hat Tip Russell for his great questions.

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