Merry Christmas from The Wire!

Greetings, Lion fans. Brian, Billy and I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there an abundance of blessings and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This past year has been a true test of courage and strength-both mental and physical. In a year in which we have seen a cancellation of spring sports, and the derailment of a possible national championship run by the Lady Lions, a complete cancellation of the football season, and many disruptions and interruptions of normal university life, it is a time to remember what we didn’t realize we have instead of the material things we get in present.

Things like Love. Family. Faith. Hope. Things we cannot see(for the most part) or hold. All have been tested. Many have been affected, and houses that were once full of loved ones are a little bit less full. Normal holiday traditions, in some cases, have had to be put on hold, or will look radically different in the bizarre world that has been the year 2020. It is our hope here at The Wire that this season, the affects on you and yours are minamal, and your houses are full of joy.

For me, my thoughts around the holiday always comes back here. My grandparent’s house in Lockett, Texas, just outside Vernon, was always full of love, laughter, and tons of good German food. My Mother was the youngest of nine children, and I am the next to the youngest of approximately 24 grandchildren, 21 of which are still living. Much like the fictional Walton family of television, we were a large and happy group. There was more than enough for everyone, and you always had food to take home. You certainly weren’t going hungry. There are so many memories, so many good stories, and so many smiles.

Physically, the house is empty now, but in heaven, it is full again. I look forward to hopefully showing up there again one day.

We all have places and people like that. It’s the way it should be.

So, from all of us here at The Wire, to all of you….God Bless and Merry Christmas.

Roar Back Here.....

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