# 21 Texas A&M-Commerce-23, # 3 Tarleton State-16……Morning After Thoughts.

Let’s get right to it-

  1. A truly satisfying win on just about every level. I have been sick of Tarleton talking about how good they are. They honestly believed they were going to blitz their way through the NCAA Division II Playoffs one last time, win it in McKinney, and then go merrily on their way into Division I. Not going to happen. Reminds me of a story of a bully that beat up on everyone until one day he crossed the wrong guy, and the guy punched the bully in his mouth on his own front lawn. Stunned, the bully could not do anything about it. That is very much what happened today. The utter arrogance of Tarleton’s fans (not all of them, but a lot of them), the completely classless and dirty way they played, and how they could not even take a loss with class just made this game far more personal to me than I thought it would. We won our final Lone Star Conference game with them, and we advance to the next round of the NCAA Division II playoffs,
  2. Offense-Miklo Smalls showed today why he is the best Quarterback in the conference, despite what the media mob might think. The guy just made tremendous plays and is our ace in the hole. The Offensive line played super today keeping him upright, and the rushing game just pounded away at Tarleton with no mercy. Receivers did their jobs making good catches and getting up field. Only thing was not putting 2-3 drives in the end zone and settling for field goals, but we were playing the number 3 team in the nation.
  3. Defense-“Championship Level.” If our defense had not played as well as they did today, we would not have won, and probably would have never even made the playoffs. This defense played their best game and hat tip to Coach Adibi and his staff, they were ready for Tarleton with coverage schemes and then getting to Ben Holmes forcing him to make throws he was not wanting to make and eventually sacking him 4 times. They held a team averaging 45 points a game and 600 yards of offense a game to 13 points and 300 yards of offense. That my friends, is what wins you championships.
  4. Special Teams-Jake Viquez, you have shown yourself to be the man, and have earned it. 3/4 with a long of 48 helped seal this one. Also…. the kickoffs….I used to hate pooch kicks, but now I love them because they have been responsible for so many turnovers. Punting was phenomenal as well so props to Andrew Gomez….and Kader Kohou, what a show he put on today retuning punts to give the offense good fields to work with.
  5. Going Forward-As happy as this win makes me, we have to fly to Colorado next week for a game against a good Colorado Mines team. If this team is as well prepared for this next game as it was for this past one, get ready, we might be seeing you all in McKinney in the next few weeks. From here, it looks very possible.

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