Minor Midweek Thoughts…Week 3

So WOU may have seemed a lot tougher than expected…not surprising. A very long road trip to the west coast can be a difficult challenge, and it was. But we did what was necessary and won. The adjustments made got the job done. It was really the opener for the Lions. A test that they passed…maybe not with flying colors but passed nonetheless.

Now we have good old ENMU and their odd yet effective rushing attack. The shortcomings of last week can be forgotten real quickly with another win albeit 1 point or 40 points. This game is and always has been a tough test. One thing we showed last week was we have capable players. We gave up way too many big plays but stepped up when we needed. Zero turnovers and minimal penalties showed a disciplined team that will not beat themselves. Balanced offense is also somewhat new and we controlled the clock with it. I’d like to see a few more shots downfield and feel they will come. But being balanced is always a bonus in my opinion. Take what they give and don’t force it which is what the Lions did.

Congrats to Coach Bailiff and his staff for his first official win against a DII school. As an experienced coach he knows wins aren’t guaranteed at any level. Look for a much better effort this week at Memorial Stadium at 6 pm Saturday. #seeyouatthehawk!

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