Home Improvement Part 3: University Fieldhouse


A full Fieldhouse Crowd in a win against Eastern New Mexico in January 2016.

Quick Hits:

Texas A&M-Commerce University Fieldhouse (Formerly East Texas State Fieldhouse)

Capacity 5,000

Tenants: Texas A&M-Commerce Lion Basketball, Texas A&M-Commerce Lady Lion Basketball, Texas A&M-Commerce Volleyball, TAMUC Recreation and Intramual Sports Championship Games, UIL Class AAAA Region II Boys and Girls Championships.



An overview showing showing all athletic department championship banners.


  1. A cool looking building.-Many people talk about how we have an “Airplane Hanger.” However, the building is vintage looking and does have a true old school feel to it. It is unique in that nothing in the Dallas area and/or Northeast Texas has any building built quite like it. Not modern, but vintage and old school. As a Basketball player my entire life, I quite like the structure.
  2. Banners Galore: I really like how the first thing that hits you when you walk in are the amount of Banners that notate different championships. I like that, Ryan Ivey used to call it “Pride on Display.” I agree and love how opposing fans can see that.
  3. Roaring Floor: The game floor is one amazing thing, it really is. While I am not a fan of the light blue stain color, I love the overall design and creates a uniformity in the brand logo of the school’s teams.
  4. Modern Parts: The shot clock, basketball goals, digital scoreboards, and score keeping methods are very modern and it makes for a great basketball experience. Also, the way that the stands are made on a down slope gives a very Basketball centric feel. I love it.


  1. It shows it’s age. Some building age well because they have been taken care of, others age rapidly due to the way they were built to begin with or have not been taken care of. Our building has been showing it’s age for the longest time. While it used to look worse, the age is just too much to overcome.
  2. Renovation Negative-The outside of the place needs to be renovated with some kind of aesthetic improvements. The outside looks better than it used to, but it still needs some major facelifting. Bricks are way too old, and the foundation is starting to erode in spots it should not.
  3. I do realize this point might seem to contradict one of the tops ones, but I think that the banners that should be on display should only be for Basketball and Volleyball. Move the football banners to the Football complex at Whitley Gym, the Golf Banners to the Golf complex, and the Soccer Banners to the Soccer pitch under the scoreboard. I just like the uniformity behind it.
  4. Trophies abound-We have so many trophies that need to be on display, but they need to be unboxed and placed in the right place, and for crying out loud, find a great place to display the Men’s national title trophy and the Women’s elite eight trophy. This one is not hard.
  5. It could be gone…….and it should not be. I do not believe that the Fieldhouse should be torn down, but made a historical landmark. If a small country church can get that granted to them, why shouldn’t an arena on the state’s fifth oldest public university?

Would love to hear feed back about what should be done and part 4 will be coming up in short order.


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