5 Game Balls-Lincoln U

Time for the 5 Game Balls for the win against Linclon U-

  1. Quarterback Eric Rodriguez-The Fort Bend Travis Product came in after the first 3 series were played by Jagger LaRoe and had an absolute MONSTER of a game. He was 12/16 for 269 yards and 5 Touchdowns. He was responsible for 307 yards of total offense and made some dynamic throws. We did not even think he would play much less do what he did tonight. We will have more on that later.
  2. Wide Receiver Andrew Armstrong-Had 3 Catches for 134 yards and 3 touchdowns including a breathtaking 96 pitch and catch. He showed us he could do it last year, and he is doing it now.
  3. Place Kicker Emmanuel Adadbon- In his debut as the field goal and extra point kicker, he went a perfect 7 for 7 on PAT’s and hit a 21 yard field goal. We have been spoiled by having good kickers like his predecessors Jake Viquez and Kristov Martinez. From the looks of things, we have NOTHING to worry about it. Welcome to the circle Emmanuel.
  4. Defensive Lineman Clifford Funderburk-This Guy was all over the backfield tonight with 5 tackles, including 2 tackles for loss and a sack. He does the dirty work and he deserves this one.
  5. Defensive Back Max Epps-Had 4 solo tackles but it was his 39 yard interception return for a touchdown that seemed to spark the entire Lion squad and get the crowd back in after a lackluster start.

Roar Back Here.....

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