Recruiting The Blacklands, 2018-The defense of the 2017 National Title Begins


Greetings, Lion fans. As Coach Carthel said in a joyous celebration in Kansas City, “It’s all about recruiting.” So, with an early signing period under our belts,  let us take a look at how you defending National Champions are restocking their shelves for another run. There’s a saying that fits here….”The hunter now becomes the hunted.”

First of all, I would like to publicly apologize to Coach Carthel for asking about Lion commitments in the early signing period. I’m still in a learning process of the ins and outs of Division 2(Which is a far better Division that determines a true champion), and your author was not aware that only Division 1 has an early signing period for high school recruits. Division 2 does have this only for D1 and Junior College transfers, but the Lion Athletic Department does not release that information, and understandably so.

What we at the Lion Wire have been able to discover is that there are some commitments to discuss, so let’s get to it…..

Darrin Hambrick (WR)- 6’5″, 225 lbs., Mt. San Antonio College-A big, fast receiver, much in the mold of a D’Arthur Cowan. Is able to make the tough catch over the middle, athletic enough to go up and get the high ball, is an aggressive blocker, and has soft hands. He has the ability to step in and play right away.

Tyler Guice (TE)- 6’4″, 240 lbs., Grossmont CC-Good speed for a big man. Looks a lot like Vincent Hobbs. A fierce blocker who finishes runs aggressively(Translated-he punishes tacklers), and a sure handed target.

Noa Aluesi (DL)- 6’8″, 290 lbs., Mt. San Antonio College-Simply put, this guy is a beast. Aggressive tackler, is surprisingly athletic, plays with a fast motor. Very good pass rusher, also has the knack get vertical and not only bat down the pass, but has good hands and the ability to pick the ball off. Definitely has the ability to come in and step right into the defensive line rotation at either tackle or end.

Jaterrius Pleasant (DL)- 6’0″, 280 lbs., Burleson HS-Not much film on him, but what is available, he seems to be a natural fit at nose tackle. Very strong, aggressive, active with his hands, has good technique.

Rafael Carbajal (LB/Ath.)-6’2″, 205 lbs., Fort Worth (North Side HS)-The only way to describe this young man is…..a football player. Posses serious speed. Can play on either side of the ball. Has played linebacker, defensive back, running back, and tight end. Good tackler, tough runner, with soft hands. The kind of player every coach dreams of having.  Can be plugged in at just about any position, and will be successful.

Felipe Chambers (DB)-6’2″, 200 lbs., Sierra College-Big, rangy, defensive back who can fill in at either corner of safety. Big hitter, and likes to blitz from the corner position. Plays with a fast motor.

Kane Wilson (QB)-6’4″, 225 lbs., Fullerton College-Big for a quarterback, much in the mold of a Luis Perez or Wade Wilson. Very strong arm, can make all the throws. Throws a very catachable ball. Deceptively fast, and a tough runner, he can execute the zone read or run/pass option very well.

The overall impression for the 2018 Recruiting Class so far……SPEED, SPEED, SPEED. Coach Carthel and his staff have addressed some needed postions, the most obvious being at quarterback, while building what was a major asset for the Lions last year….depth. This is only the beginning, Lion fans. It appears that, as the saying goes, “the rich get richer.”

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