Ask The Opponent: West Texas A&M Edition


Glad to have this back and would like to thank Buff Fan 05 from who shed some quick and insightful light on the upcoming matchup with the Buffs.

Lets get to it-

TLW: “What are you overall thoughts on the matchup?

BF: “Honestly, It is going to get ugly quick and I hate to say this, shouldn’t be much of a contest.”

TLW: “Would it be fair to say that WT is a Bi-Polar team in the sense they can knock off any highly ranked team in the country, and then lose to a lesser team the next week?”

BF: “Potentially…Some injuries have affected the overall competitiveness of the team. Though the times WT had some offensive output, it was against lesser competition.”

TLW: “In the wins, what has gone right for the Buffs?”

BF: “Getting and causing turnovers and working with short fields. It’s the only way WT was even close to beating CSU-Pueblo.”

TLW: “In the losses, what has gone wrong?”

BF: Pretty much everything. Poor special teams and offense usually tends to wear the defense down toward the end of the game. The defense usually holds it’s own before they become worn out from being on the field all game.”

TLW: “Tell us about your new Coach, Hunter Hughes.”

BF: “All I can say at this point is that he is intense and has a plan. I am hopeful that it works.”

TLW: “How different is he then the prior staff and it what ways?”

BF: “Discipline, discipline, and more discipline.”

TLW: Do you see WT turning the corner and being an upper tier LSC team again any time soon?

BF: “Maybe in a few years. I do not see them going hard after JUCO transfers to turn the corner next year as other programs have done and as WT did in 2005 when Don Carthel was here.”

TLW: “There has been a lot of talk regarding a new WT stadium, what can you tell us about that?”

BF: “It should be a nice addition to the university and community. I wish I knew more details.”

TLW: “For the Lion fans headed out west, what are some good eats and some good places to see in Canyon?”

BF: “Asian – Sayokomarns, Mexican – Pepitos or El Tapatio, Barbeque – Ribs & More, Feldmans if you want a grill and homestyle meal.”

TLW: “Care to predict a score?”

BF: “56 – 7 Lions”

TLW: “Overtime: What West Texas game is the most memorable to you? It can be against anyone.”

BF: “2005 when WT beat Kingsville in Canyon. We showed they were for real that year.”

Hat Tip to Buff Fan for being a good sport and here is to a good game on Saturday!

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