Who is BrianDP3?


I am on the right with former Lion great and Green Bay Packer Wes Smith the night he was inducted into the TAMUC athletic hall of fame, against Delta State in September 2015.

My name is Brian Pate and I am the owner and Managing Editor of The Lion Wire. I established this blog under the name Prairie Lion Nation in 2012 when I was a graduate student at Texas A&M-Commerce Graduate School. I blogged for well over 2 years before it really picked up steam in 2014. I drew inspiration from reading daily blogs such as Double T Nation (Texas Tech) Good Bull Hunting (Texas A&M), Rock Chalk Talk (Kansas), and Cougnation (Washington State). After the 2015 Football season ended, I decided to change the name of the site to Blogging the Blacklands as I felt the name would be better for the site. Then, while on a hiatus from blogging and other things, I decided to do a total revamp and rename the site as The Lion Wire. I started the blog with the intent of helping the re-emergence of Lion Athletics, but with a main focus on Football. I do this because I feel I am better at analyzing and breaking down Football games than most sports. I also do profiles of former Lion greats to introduce readers to the great tradition that is Texas A&M-Commerce Lion Football and Athletics.

I have deep generational ties to the school. My great-grandfather started college in his 30’s at the University of North Texas before transferring to East Texas State Teacher’s College and getting his degree with a double major in 1937. He returned to Commerce and graduated with his Master’s in Education in 1946. My Dad went to East Texas State, graduating in 1967 with a double major in History and English and was a member of the University Chorale. After teaching for two years and serving in the Army for 2 years in Korea, he attended graduate school at the ETSU campus in Mesquite, where he pursued his MBA. My Uncle attended in the early 1970’s and was a member of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and also attended 11 of the 12 games during the 1972 National Championship season.

My own journey to Commerce is one that I would have never thought would happen. I had two plans after high school, run college track or go to Texas A&M in College Station. My Senior year the offers that came where almost exclusively from NAIA schools and Division III schools, only receiving one offer from a Division I school. I decided to attend Tyler Junior College near my hometown on an academic scholarship for a year and then transfer to A&M, until my Dad asked me to consider TAMU-Commerce. I visited the town one time and after inquiring about admission into the Business School, I was sold that Commerce is where I needed to be. I graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and then went back in 2011 where I graduated Cum Laude from the TAMUC Graduate school with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. In early 2014 I joined a major investment firm where I work as a Broker and have been doing so ever since.

Quick Hits:

Age: 31

Hometown: Grand Saline, TX (Near Tyler, TX)

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Live in: Lewisville, Texas

Family: Dad is retired from AT&T where he was a Communications Technician for over 30 years and has a BA From A&M-Commerce (Then Known as ETSU), Class of 1967.

My Mom is also retired from Teaching and taught in East Texas school districts Tyler, Martins Mill, Grand Saline, and Corrigan-Camden school districts for over 30 years. She is a graduate of East Texas Baptist University and received her Master’s of Arts from Stephen F. Austin State. She and My Dad keep each other busy while in retirement.

I have two younger brothers and am very proud of both

One is a 2010 graduate of Texas Tech University and a proud Red Raider. He teaches English and coaches Basketball at a high school in suburban Houston. He has a tremendous work ethic and is dedicating to coaching Basketball and teaching the kids he coaches.

My youngest brother is a 2009 graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in political science and works for a law firm in Dallas. He is in his 7th year working in the same job and has done nothing but succeed and move up inside the firm.

My hobbies include music, fishing, hitting the pool or the lake, playing sports, reading and blogging, doing research over pointless things and nonsense, taking road trips to Oklahoma and East Texas and making the most of my free time off of work. I am an active member of First Baptist Church-Dallas.

Shoot me a message with any questions.

Cheers and Go Lions!

3 thoughts on “Who is BrianDP3?

  1. Brian: I looked for a fan board for TAMU-C, but couldn’t find one. Found your blog: so I thought I would post my comments here. Hope you don’t mind.

    My thoughts on your team after watching them battle my Bearkats. Your guys are big, fast, physical, fundamentally sound and very well coached. I have been to every game that the Kats have played this year except the one against Abilene Christian.

    I am serious when I say that the only team that we have played, so far, that was better than the Lions is Texas Tech and I think your defense was pretty much on par with theirs in a one game, snap shot comparison. We lost to Lamar in the second game of the season, but the Lions are a MUCH better team than they are.

    I just want to let all of you Lions fans know that your squads efforts at Bowers didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Best of luck in the D2 playoffs.

    DOK Rogers
    SHSU ’77 & ’78

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